Why You Should Never Detox Alone

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When a patient is in the detox process, the discomfort can be tough to endure. North Hills Addiction Treatment Center offers addiction treatment for patients who are looking to make a positive change. Those who have experienced addiction firsthand can attest to how difficult detoxing can be.

Most patients prefer to detox pains as being tantamount to the worst bout of the flu that they have ever experienced. One minute they are hot, the next minute they are cold. Comfort is fleeting and the level of pain that the patient will have to endure varies by the second. Sleep is hard to come by and there is little to no appetite to speak of.

Detoxing Alone Can Be Fearful

That’s why so many patients struggle to stop using drugs and alcohol. The fear is understandable. Fortunately, a patient does not have to embark on this difficult journey by themselves. The patient may need to remain sequestered from other patients who have already completed the detoxing process, though.

There are a number of drugs that can cause serious dangers when a patient attempts to detox alone. For starters, benzodiazepines are at the top of this list. Patients who are looking to rid themselves of Valium and Xanax dependencies fall into this category. The detox process for these substances can be life-threatening if the patient does not receive the necessary assistance.

The seizures that take place during this process are serious in nature. If the proper medical personnel are not present, the detox will not be as successful. Having experienced medical personnel on the scene can be the difference between life and death. North Hills Addiction Treatment Center is aware of these dangers and will provide the patient with the medication that they require.

Each year, a wide range of patients will attempt to handle the process on their own. However, they are typically going to end up hospitalized as a result of this decision…and that’s if they are among the fortunate. In order to experience a successful detox from benzodiazepines, top-notch medical professionals need to be on hand.

Those who are experiencing alcohol addiction may believe that they can handle the detoxing process on their own. The level of success that the patient is going to experience will depend on a variety of different factors. For example, a patient who has been addicted to alcohol for a longer period of time is always going to have a more challenging recovery process.

The amount of alcohol that the patient has become dependent on is also going to factor into the equation. Contrary to popular belief, addiction treatment for alcohol requires the assistance of medical professionals. The delirium tremens that take place during alcohol detox are quite serious in nature. They can result in hallucinations and the patient may be placing their life in jeopardy.

By remaining hospitalized during this process, the patient guarantees a certain standard of medical care that they would not have received on their own. A patient is typically not going to have access to the medications that they need if they attempt to handle this process without help. The medical professionals that are going to be present will also know how to make life easier for all parties involved.

While these are the drugs that are most commonly associated with the detoxing process, addiction treatment focuses on all of the issues that are taking place. Opiate withdrawal may not be as severe but there are no shortage of risks that are going to have to be addressed. The physical strain that is placed on the body in these instances is substantial.

Patients can experience relapse in these instances. Suicidal thoughts are another danger. In many cases, patients who attempt to withdraw from opiates will often be forced to use again, as a means of dealing with their pain and suffering. The withdrawal symptoms are not easy to handle. That’s why treatment centers are of the utmost importance.

The patient is given the tools that they need to detox safely, without the usage of harmful substances. Being removed from the typical environment is pivotal. This is just the first step. The patient who receives medical assistance during detox is more likely to experience success during the latter stages of this process.

Don’t Do It Alone-Help Is On The Way

There have been a multitude of patients who have been through this process before. At North Hills Addiction Treatment Center, our trained staffers know the steps that need to be taken. We give a patient the boost that they need and place you on the path to lasting recovery. Contact us today!

Addiction is often tiring and the detox process is certainly no different. It is time to stop the fight and start looking for a meaningful way forward. Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle this challenging process without the necessary assistance. We are on hand and ready to assist you!

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