Why Addiction Treatment Might Be Necessary

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When you abuse alcohol or drugs, and become addicted to them it is hard to stop using them by yourself. Often with serious addiction, you will have symptoms of withdrawal that occur when you stop drinking or taking the drug. This causes sleep problems, sweating, tremors, anxiety, confusion, and other symptom that should be monitored medically. Some drugs produce symptom that are dangerous to your health. Prescribed medications can help with withdrawal symptoms of addiction, when you, a family member or friend needs help.

The process of detox takes time and often involves a  stay in a facility with supervised medical treatment to monitor both the physical and mental symptoms. During this time often group therapy and individual counseling sessions are offered.

Signs of Needing Addiction Treatment

How do you know when a person needs addiction treatment? Some individuals use alcohol or drugs when alone. It becomes an addiction when they cannot control the amount they use.  Many people party, but sometimes this turns to overuse and using drugs to relieve anxiety or depression. You might increase the amount of the drug or drink to get the same high. At one time one drink was enough. Now you need two or three for the same effect.

Perhaps you started smoking pot and graduated to using stronger drugs. Even prescription drugs become addictive when used too long. Pain killers can be very addictive and hard to stop taking. No patient likes pain, and they want to keep in under control.

Addiction can lead to losing a job, getting removed from a club or athletic team,  losing friends, and even breaking up families. Have you been arrested for drunk driving more than once or passed out at a party? An addiction can ruin your life. You might be kicked out of school, be in a car accident, or hurt others due to neglect.  Perhaps you have tried to quit and never succeeded or hide your use of drugs and alcohol from your friends and family.

Many patients won’t go for treatment because they believe they can treat themselves. Other patients believe they do not have the time to leave a job or their family. But ignoring addiction is like ignoring cancer and not having it treated. When a person does not have insurance, most states have programs to help them get insurance or find a way to pay for treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment centers can help in that area.

Staff members are bound by HIPAA and confidentiality.  Privacy is respected at most treatment centers.  Those that have been treated before may need more than one time to beat addiction. It is tough to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs. Other excuses are they do not know where to go but most doctors or hospitals will recommend a treatment center when asked, or they know the patient.

North Hill Addiction Treatment Programs

North Hill Addiction Treatment Center has a detox program, as part of their rehab program. Patients stay at the center and have their own room, and are  supervised by trained staff. They are monitored for physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Often medications are used to help with detox, and patients participate in group and individual therapy. They have cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy as part of the program. Patients get involved in exercise, crafts, music, outdoor activities, yoga, and other activities. There are many addiction treatments.

Aftercare treatment is provided. There are self-help groups in the community, going to outpatient therapy and group counseling,  participating in a day program, finding a place to live,  going back to school, or seeking employment. North Hill Addiction Treatment Center makes sure that patients are given aftercare treatment to help them make the transition back to society after addiction treatment.

Contact us when you or a family member or friend is struggling to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction and needs treatment or an intervention We customize our programs to treat other disorders when needed.  Contact us at North Hills Addiction Treatment Center today.


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