What To Expect In Your First 30 Days Of Rehab

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Addiction to drugs and alcohol is on the rise across the country. It has far-reaching implications that extend beyond the individual in recovery. It also impacts their family and friends. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, less than 8 percent of those struggling with some type of addiction get the help they need. The idea of entering into rehab can be scary for everyone. The first 30 days are the most critical to beginning recovery in the most beneficial way. It has been proven that those who enter a rehab facility have a greater chance of maintaining recovery.

What Happens In Rehab?

The intention of rehab is to give the individual suffering from addiction to a structured facility in which they can be safe and supported through recovery. There are both inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities. One of the major differences is whether or not the individual stays in the rehab facility or goes homes. The length of time can vary based on the needs of the individual. Rehab includes detox, therapy, and other activities.

The First 30 Days

For an individual who has never been to rehab, the first 30 days can be the most difficult. The first thing that happens is an interview and intake process. The intake involves a series of questions and paperwork for the individual. This helps the staff gather all the information about the individual’s addiction, medical conditions, history, and all other important information is a great detail. Some rehab facilities may require blood or urine tests, in addition to a medical exam. All of this information can help the staff determine how long the individual should be in the rehab facility. They are also able to create a treatment plan.


One of the most important steps an individual suffering from addiction takes is detox. This can also be one of the most challenging for the individual. Detox is when the individual stops using drugs or alcohol and they are removed from the body. This happens with 24-hour medical care. The symptoms of withdrawal can range from mild to severe. Some of them may even be life-threatening.

Some rehab facilities do not offer detox services, so that must happen at a different facility before the individual can enter rehab. It is important to note that rehab cannot begin until detox is completed. The individual must be drug-free for at least two days. Most often there are other conditions that may lead the individual to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Treatment Options

In the treatment part of rehab is where the individual has to do hard work. The individual may get to a point where he or she thinks they can handle their own recovery and want to leave rehab early. This is not recommended. It is important to stay in rehab for the prescribed length of time. This is a crucial time in recovery from addiction and it should not be rushed.

During this time, the individual learns about addiction and how drug use impacts the brain. The individual meets with a counselor for individual therapy as well as participate in group therapy. In these sessions, the individual gains an understanding of his triggers, learning coping skills and creating a network of support. Counseling is an important key to helping individuals understand and work through emotional concerns. The individual also learns to focus on healthy behaviors and activities.

The individual should expect to have little to no contact with family and friends. Most likely, he or she will have no contact with the world outside of the rehab facility. They will not have access to their phones, radio, or tv. When contact is allowed with friends and family, family therapy is an important key to treatment. This can help with better communication within the family and help to handle unresolved issues. The individual in treatment needs to make major changes in his everyday life. He will need to live in a clean house and remove all of the temptations from his home and life. The early days out of rehab are critical in the path to recovery for the individual.

If you are someone you love needs addiction treatment, do not delay. There is help available. Get them the help they need. It is never too late. If you are in The valley and surrounding areas, contact North Hills Addiction Treatment Center today.

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