What Are Outpatient Programs? Are They Right For Me?

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An outpatient program is an intensive program that affords a patient the unique opportunity to continue living at home, tends to business and family matters, continue going to school, and have a relatively normal life. These programs are designed with daytime and evening therapy sessions, with each patient returning home to stay overnight. Outpatient rehab programs allow those who can resist social temptations or their substances, privately undergoing treatment without being absent from their daily lives.

Keep in mind that outpatient programs allow freedom for the patient. The patient must be evaluated to ensure that they will not fall for daily temptations or succumb to triggers around the home and friends. Outpatient programs are for patients who have demonstrated an ability to stick to programs, ensuring that they meet regular goals throughout the tenure of their program.

Is An Outpatient Program Right For You?

Recovering from addiction and substance abuse is an effort that is unique to each patient. Thankfully, addiction recovery can be designed to fit around the lifestyle of the patient who needs the treatment. Outpatient treatment programs are a viable option for those who can afford flexibility and are dedicated to treatment programs. They are designed on healing psychological and the social aspects of addiction, empowering individuals with more control over their schedules as they work towards their sobriety goals.

This sort of flexibility allows outpatient programs to enjoy a less structured program than hospitalization programs or intensive outpatient programs. However, that doesn’t mean that they are less effective. Outpatient programs are also more affordable than compared to inpatient programs because there is no room and board required, which is an appealing option for those who want to recover from their addictions but do not want to onboard rehab costs.

However, just like any sort of treatment plan, outpatient programs are most successful for the correct type of candidate. Outpatient programs work best with those who are in the early stages of their addiction or just have a mild substance abuse determined by their physician or caretaker. They are also most beneficial for those who want to continue the process upon leaving the treatment.

There is also research showing that the social aspect of these treatment programs is also beneficial — outpatient patients will benefit from having access to a support group of other patients who might be battling with similar vices and medical professionals who are well aware of the unique challenges that you are facing. Outpatient programs are also fitting for those who aren’t able to comfortably afford the cost of another sort of inpatient treatments. The ideal candidate is highly motivated and committed to their goals and keeping to their set schedule.

Usually, with an outpatient program, you will be able to graduate from detox or residential. The patient is still strongly encouraged or required to visit the clinic facility several times a week to ensure that they are on the steady. Patients can still cater to their jobs, attend meetings, experience the real world as they gradually wean themselves from the outpatient program. Patients will find themselves well acclimated, equipped with the tools to deal with addiction, as well as recognizing that they have resources and tools available to them that will ensure their continued success.

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Catering to the North Hills California area, North Hills Addiction Treatment Center is the go-to treatment center for intensive recovery programs, including outpatient programs. Their recovery programs encompass integrative approaches that augment recovery via comprehensive therapies. To learn more about North Hills addiction treatment center and the unique benefits of outpatient programs, contact us.

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