The Importance of Rebuilding Your Self Esteem in Recovery

 In Life in Recovery

The Cycle of Self Esteem and Addiction. 

The road to recovery is a long and difficult one for anyone who decides to delve down this path with or without assistance. Whether you make the decision to detox by yourself or through a direct rehabilitation center, it is still an amazing accomplishment that can go underappreciated if not directly acknowledged. Many people who have sought help through addiction rehabilitation find themselves struggling with low self-esteem which can sometimes hinder the rate of recovery.

Self-esteem and addiction often coexist in the lives of substance abusers. Think about it from this perspective, Self-esteem is how one views themselves to the world, their own self-worth, as well as their character. Many people with low self-esteem may turn to drugs to satisfy their need to feel accepted and loved even for a short period of time. A dedicated use of alcohol or drugs can sometimes hide deeper insecurities and even make people feel more confident or happy with themselves.  However, that alone can start a damaging cycle of substance abuse and a gradual decrease of self-esteem over time.

3 Tips to Rebuild Your Self Esteem.

Whether you are still pondering on what to do with your addiction or already seeking assistance from a professional source, focusing on your own personal self-esteem is vital to your recovery. If low self-esteem was one of the leading benefactors of your developing substance addiction it can also very easily lead to a relapse if left untreated. It is very important that you find value in yourself so that you may focus on your own recovery in a natural and healthy way.

North Hills Addiction Treatment Center offers many alternative treatment plans for addiction recovery such as detox, residential inpatient, partial day, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels of care. If visiting a local center is not readily available to you or you feel as though you are not quite ready to visit one of our centers just yet there are still several personal ways you can help yourself and raising your self-esteem at home.


Affirmations are a simple enlightening statement that one can say to themselves during their day. It may seem odd at first or dramatic, however, if said consistently and regularly you will definitely be able to feel the authenticity with each recital of the phrase you choose.

Examples of affirmations include phrases such as:

“I am proud of myself.”

“I am valuable.”

“ I am important.”

“My feelings and thoughts matter.”

The next time someone gives you a compliment make sure to accept it and thank them even if it feels odd at the time.

Recognizing Negative Thoughts

Recognizing negative thoughts and making steps towards changing thought patterns is vital to your recovery and staying sober. Keeping consistent track of your opinions as well as feelings toward certain things and situations in life will help you to understand what makes you unique as well as a valuable person. Accepting yourself, your flaws, as well as your strengths is a key to avoiding a relapse.

Self-esteem is indeed how you see your own self-worth, albeit you may also need the support and assistance of others to motivate you to healthy recovery from your addiction. Surround yourself with uplifting people who are not quick to judge.  Reach out and keep in contact with people you respect or look up to. Being around positive supportive people or professionals such as a sponsor or mentor in times of need can make all the difference between a relapse or a recovery.

Ending Constant Comparisons.

Stop comparing yourself to others around you. These negative thoughts may sometimes appear unconsciously or in a subtle manner that is hard to detect; Meaning it is important that you watch your own thoughts persistently. If you catch yourself beginning to compare yourself to another person, mentally cut off that thought immediately.

Start Making Changes

While all these methods and ways to maintain sobriety may seem difficult and uncomfortable in the beginning or you may find yourself frustrated at the pace which you find yourself at;  it is important to remember that recovery from any addiction happens in stages. It is most important to take your time. Some change is better than no change whatsoever. There’s no set time limit of how fast or how slow you need to recover. It is time your health came first.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, contact us today! At North Hills Addiction Treatment Center, it is our goal to find you long-lasting sobriety.

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