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What Exactly is a Residential Inpatient Program?

Residential Inpatient treatment is considered one of the most effective ways to be successful when you or a loved one needs addiction treatment. The residential stay enables you to put aside everything else and concentrate on healing from drug addiction. Being able to concentrate completely on this process will help you get on track to being able to live a healthier life, free of the issues that have taken up so much of your time and energy. 

Residential Inpatient treatment is spending time temporarily living in a setting that is a combination of hospital and temporary home. Sometimes the facility is set up to have one section medically equipped to handle physical detoxification, but other facilities require you to undergo medically-supervised detox somewhere else and then be admitted. During your stay, the complete focus will be given on helping you learn such things as why you turned to drugs in the first place and how you can avoid using once you are released. You will be surrounded by others who are also working at becoming clean and sober. Some will have the same drug addiction as you and others will have problems with a different drug, but what brings everyone together is an addiction.



Detoxification is the process of removing harmful substances from your body. This is usually the start of the recovery process because it allows you to remove yourself from drugs and alcohol so you can have a fresh start in a safe + comfortable environment.



An inpatient drug rehab program like North Hills Addiction Treatment Center is when you spend time disconnecting from the world to recover from your use of drugs and alcohol. This stay allows you to take the time to really focus on yourself and heal from addiction.



At North Hills Addiction Treatment Center, we will be with you every step of the way for your sobriety. We will design an aftercare plan that is intended to keep you sober long after you leave our inpatient program and ensure that our treatment produces lasting results.

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What to Expect at a Residential Inpatient Program?

Every residential inpatient program is different, yet they all share the same goal, to help you overcome your addiction and leave feeling stronger and more capable of avoiding unhealthy habits. Each program also shares some common elements, although they may be carried out differently. Like North Hills, many introduce inpatients to the beginning steps of the 12-step program. You will be evaluated for underlying conditions such as a mental health disorder, that could be a contributing factor to your addiction. If one is found, your addiction treatment may also include psychiatric medication. There will be both individual and group counseling. Some programs offer specialized therapy such as horse or dog therapy. As your treatment progresses, you will have opportunities to go on outings with other inpatients, and eventually enjoy day passes with your family.

Specialized classes that help you deal with anger management or depression and anxiety are often offered. Recreational activities like swimming, crafts, and exercise are often part of the program. Most also offer classes to help you manage stress. These classes are many times based on yoga or tai chi. 

During your stay in a residential inpatient program, you may be limited in the amount of contact you have with friends and family. This limitation is gradually reduced as you learn to better understand what is necessary to walk a clean path. You will also be taught ways to deal with stressors that can contribute to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. You will begin to learn how to make better choices, identify the triggers that are most harmful and learn how to counteract them, and learn more productive coping skills.


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Our Inpatient Drug Rehab in California Can Help

Addiction treatment is hard, we all agree on that. While trying to break free of your addiction, you may still have responsibilities like a family and job. You are facing the same group of acquaintances and the same neighborhood each day. In addition, you still haven’t had the opportunity to learn the things that can make you strong enough to resist what has taken up such a large part of your life. All of this can become so overwhelming that it seems easier to continue on the path you find familiar. By removing yourself from all this, you have the chance to concentrate on the one person who needs to heal most, yourself.

When you finally leave the residential inpatient facility, you will carry with you the new skills and self-understanding that will help you face the world from a different position. You will be stronger. You will be freer. You will no longer mastered by your addiction but master of your sobriety. Will life be stress-free? No, you will still have a job and a family. There will still be temptation and even people who would see you fail. What will be different is that you will now know how to approach those situations with a healthy mindset that speaks of success.


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Let North Hills Addiction Treatment Center’s residential inpatient program help you. Our staff has been trained to help you help yourself. We understand that it took more than one thing to get you to this point and we realize the courage you have shown admitting you have a problem and reaching out for help. It is our goal to help you realize you are strong enough to beat your addiction and live a happy, healthy life, and we will provide you with the tools to get you started on your new path. Contact us today.


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