Relapse Prevention

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Relapse Prevention:

Relapse Prevention is all about creating a strategy or plan to avoid a relapse. Relapses could lead to high-risk situations.
Relapses can happen anytime through-out your recovery journey or after you’ve completed treatment. They can even happen after years of successful sobriety, which can be very dangerous.

Therefore the most effective way to avoid relapses would be strategizing a Relapse Prevention Plan. Having a plan helps you to recognize your own personal behaviors that point to a Relapse in the future. Besides that it also outlines ways to combat these behaviors and get back on track.

What factors to consider when creating a Relapse Prevention Plan?

Most important task is to understand how relapse works. There are 3 phases to a relapse:


There are 5 basic rules for implementing an effective Relapse Prevention Plan:

Lifestyle changes:

Inculcating healthy changes in your behavior and lifestyle is more effective than any other strategy. For example, after a stressful day at work, if you feel depressed, hit the gym to get your blood pumping instead of opting for any other means to elevate your mood.

Self Health care:

Because Nobody understands your emotional or mental status better than you. And because you are your best help. Therefore monitor your mental status closely and respond to your body’s requirements through healthy means.


Because addiction often leads you to lying to yourself or to others. Being honest about your emotions will only strengthen your bond with your support system and of course with your own self. This will help you in a healthy and lasting recovery.

No Rule-Breakings:

Relapse lures you to break rules and forsake your recovery process and goals. Do Not Give Up. Be firm; don’t let yourself justify breaking the rules.

Seeking Help in Need:

Handling Addiction and attempting to take-up Recovery process by your own is incredibly difficult. Therefore seeking help and support from your loved ones means more help along your recovery path.

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Your determination is your biggest strength!

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