Our philosophy

The North Hills Addiction Treatment Center treatment philosophy is based on individualized treatment. We will design a program that will best fit each individual’s needs.

The program is designed to treat adults who are chemically dependent and experience emotional and behavioral disorders. Also for those individuals that have had previous unsuccessful treatment attempts such as the treatment-resistant addict. The overall philosophy of North Hills Addiction Treatment Center is a mixture of psychodynamics and Cognitive Behavioral. It is based upon honesty about feelings mixed with a sense of compassion. The program is multi-modal in approach and contains components, which address a variety of treatment issues. We emphasize the integration of thoughts, feelings, and positive behaviors that improve self-esteem and assertiveness and identify individual personal strengths that enhance self-esteem. A warm, caring, structured and supportive milieu is provided, in which you are assisted in identifying the underlying causes that could have contributed to your addiction.

Additionally incorporated into the Hills Addiction Treatment Center, California philosophies are both Eastern and Western methods of healing. These proven treatments are used in assisting individuals and families achieve this potential. Our substance abuse treatment center is an evidence-based practice. We have integrated our knowledge, experience, and information with the state of the art knowledge base in the field of addictions and derived a model of substance abuse and alcohol treatment services that are beyond comparison to any other.

Although the traditional 30-day treatment model is an appropriate level of care for many clients, at North Hills Addiction Treatment Center we have found that they are not able to fully address the wide range of psychological problems complicated by addiction within this time. For some, treatment seems to take longer. Statistics show that recovery outcomes are directly related to the length of stay in a residential type of setting.