What to pack for your In-Patient Treatment Center

Know What to pack for your In-Patient Treatment Center:

Its important to know what to pack for your In-Patient Treatment Center before you seek admission into the Rehab Center for your recovery.


Bring clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable in. Make sure all of the clothing you bring is easy to care for. Carry a bottle of laundry detergent just in case, if it’s not’s provided.

Most In-patient Treatment Centers will have a gym and pool to use. Carry workout clothing and sneakers for outdoor activities, and a swimsuit to use the pool during your stay.

Pack a pair of flip-flops for the shower and a bathrobe, pack some pajamas as well.

Bring some nice outfits for special occasions.


Pack basic toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, a hairbrush, and a hair dryer (if you use). Try not to carry mouthwash, perfume, and anything else that contain alcohol.

Important documents:

Carry ID proof such as a driver’s license, your insurance cards, prescription card if you have one. Bring a checkbook, debit card, and/or a credit card just in case if you have to pay for any items.

Carrying a bit of cash for vending machines and the like is always a good idea.

Means to contact loved ones:

List-out the contact details so you can quickly reach your loved ones. Include phone numbers and addresses. Check with your rehab facility if you’ll need a calling card for long-distance phone calls.

Bring along stamps and envelopes, if you love writing to your loved ones.


Bring medications that you have been prescribed. Carry them in their original bottles. Liquid medication should be new and sealed.

This will help the doctors understand your medical needs better. Carrying the prescription will help understand the medications and the dosages of each.

Hobby items:

Consider carrying items related to your hobbies to stay engaged during the downtime. You might want to carry books, novels, writing pad and pens if you love writing, etc.

Carry something to read, you might find it extremely therapeutic in rehab. Bring some pictures of your loved ones to stay focused and determined.

Contacting your In-patient Treatment Center to know what to bring and what not to carry is always advisable.

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