Why You Should Build a Support Group in Early Sobriety

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Getting sober and maintaining abstinence is not an easy path to walk on. Early sobriety is a period which is easy to break because not all the triggers are under firm control.

Addiction is a disease that affects the whole person’s physical health, mind, and spirit. Abstinence requires that you make drastic changes about where you go, and the people you meet. Most of all, you will need to start being able to control the triggers that could cause you to relapse. Joining a support group which has a great understanding of your disease will help in your recovery.

Most of your treatment will be an individual experience, but you will value the aid from a support group. We will look at some compelling grounds to use them.

You get access to healthy people

The idea behind getting sober is that you will not expose yourself to individuals who will enable the addiction. Whatever substance it is that you abuse, be it alcohol, drugs, food, etc., you need to mingle with people who live a healthy lifestyle themselves. When you connect with people who desire to stop drinking, it encourages your preferences to mirror theirs.

Having access to healthy people will broaden your exposure to positivity. It is possible that you have little knowledge of what are valid options. The various group members will share their dieting and exercising mechanism with you and introduce you to a better life standard. They will also be open about their fears and coping tools. It is very heartening to know that everybody wants you to heal and manage your health to improve yourself.

You get to air your experiences in a safe environment

Talking about your trauma is one of the best ways that you can become better. You must feel that you are in a safe place to be able to express all your fears and goals. A support group will provide you the security to face whichever demons plague you. Group members will make you realize that you are not suffering in isolation.

Each milestone that you achieve will be a new catalyst to push you further into healing yourself.

You will receive positive peer pressure

When you need to change the bad habits you have been developing over the time of your addiction, you will need to be accountable to someone. A support group will provide the outlet and direction. They will act as your positive peer pressure.

Since they are aware of the nature of difficulties that you are facing, their peer pressure will most likely be more comfortable to accommodate. A sharp turn of phrase could very well make you act in a defensive manner that pushes you into relapsing while an encouraging nudge will drive you to critically analyze your choices and go for what will be better.

Camaraderie will develop, and you will appreciate that there are so many others rooting for your success. When you join a support group, you essentially become part of a team with goals and strategies. Every participant has something of value to bring to strengthen the results of the group.

People who choose abstinence feel as though their lives are a big disappointment to their dear ones. The peer group will serve a surrogate family and reassure them that their lives and opinions do matter.

You gain support during difficulties

Becoming sober is a long process. You will need to start your life anew, this time without having the crutch that has been helping you to mask your insecurities. All these changes will require you to get substantial support so that you can see it through.

The help can be for anything from physical, medical, financial, and many others. Support groups have resources available to them, and they can point you in the right direction. For instance, if you need to get therapy, members will have contacts.

Don’t forget that the individuals are a resource themselves. There could be accountants, legal experts, and educators in the group. They can use their professional experiences to help you over the bumps in your life. If you don’t have your GED, a teacher in the group can aid you with lessons, and someone to go to the library with that will help you pick out relevant reading material.

You will gain new friends to play and relax with

A very vital aspect of sobriety is how you will be spending your downtime. Becoming a tee-teetotaler is hard work. You may experience mood swings, depression, or other indications related to post-acute withdrawal symptoms. You will find that the new friends from the group will help you relax with safe extracurricular activities. It is essential to make time to rest so that you recuperate and can start the next day with motivation. Take up a new hobby like bird watching or fishing, and break the mold of sitting in front of a screen with pals who are imbibing.


When you are determined to live a sober life, you will need the support of a group of people who have the tools to help you achieve your goals. Their assistance to help you stabilize your life is immeasurable. If you get their help early on in your abstinence process, you will realize how effective your rehabilitation becomes.

If you or a loved one are struggling from addiction, DO NOT be afraid to reach out. At North Hills Addiction Treatment Center, we will do everything we can to help. Contact us today for more information.

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