Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Recovery

 In Addiction Treatment
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Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Recovery:

Yoga is a mindfulness activity that helps people deal with stressful situations, including those involving addiction and recovery. Yoga uses physical and mental techniques to target the parts of the Brain that are affected by substance abuse. Most importantly, it helps to reduce drug cravings.

While Yoga is not part of mainstream addiction therapy yet, it is a very effective tool for rehabilitation. Studies have shown that yoga is just as effective as psycho-dynamic group therapy. There are many individual cases of positive recovery through Yoga. Besides the 12-step addiction-recovery program, Yoga can be integrated into the traditional acupuncture and other rehabilitation programs as well. Yoga can be done anytime anywhere, and the only thing required is a willing mind and body.

5 Reasons to say Yoga in Addiction Recovery works:

  1. Yoga Increases Physical Strength:

Addiction takes a toll on the overall health of the Addict. People with Addictions are not in ideal shape. Drugs cause weight gain, muscle loss and drain you physically. Yoga allows you to build new muscles, strengthen breathing and improve flexibility.

  1. Yoga Makes You Mentally Strong:

Yoga connects your mind and your body. What affects your body will also affects your mind. Yoga is a form of meditation. It makes room for self-awareness, productive thoughts and a sense of relaxation. It improves self-control and makes you mentally stronger.

  1. Get ‘High’ on Yoga:

Practicing long yoga poses can release endorphins and dopamine into your body. These are the chemicals that drugs react with to offer you a sense of enjoyment and happiness. You can find the same peace and euphoria through yoga.

  1. Yoga helps overcome Withdrawal Symptoms:

When in recovery, avoiding relapse needs a lot of Will-power. Practicing yoga regularly induces confidence and mental strength to fight the Withdrawal Symptoms and avoid Relapse, thus ensuring a Successful Recovery.

  1. Yoga makes you ready for challenges:

Yoga gives recovering addicts a sense of ambition. With diligence and dedication, you can always improve your techniques and try new methods. Yoga gives recovering addicts something to challenge themselves with and look forward to accomplishing it.

North Hills Addiction Treatment Center offers Yoga Sessions daily by Highly Trained and Certified Instructors as part of the Addiction Treatment.

Visit to know more about the Treatment Procedure @ NHATC.

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