Warning Signs of Brain Damage from Drugs and Alcohol

Warning signs of Brain Damage from Drugs and Alcohol to look for in addicts include:-

  • Drug-induced seizures
  • Overdoses
  • Brain damage.

Recognizing when someone you care about is abusing drugs/alcohol can help you determine if they need help.These warning signs may indicate short-term or permanent brain damage caused by drug/alcohol abuse.

Delayed Reaction Times –Delayed reaction time is a sign that there is a major problem with the brain function. For example, if you are taking a long time to recognize you’re touching something hot, or raising your hands to block your face after something has already hit you. These are delayed reactions and indeed a warning sign to worry about.

Memory Problems – Memory lapses or Blackouts are other alarming warning signs. If you encounter these symptoms, consider seeking medical attention and investigate the potential role of drugs and alcohol on the problem.

Lack of coordination –If a person is suddenly experiencing a loss of physical coordination, it is a sign that the brain is not functioning properly. Examples of coordination problems could be frequent falls or difficulty grabbing and holding on to things.

Problems Thinking – Unable to think clearly, unable to plan, or unable to make decisions and perform daily tasks can make life very difficult. This is a signal that something is not right and your brain is struggling to perform its job.

Hallucinations –Many medical conditions cause hallucinations (including schizophrenia, which is common among drug users). Hallucinations are caused by frequent or long-term drug abuse also. It’s important to consult a doctor if you are sensing objects, people, tastes or bodily movements that aren’t real.

Many drugs have harmful neurological effects that impact the brain’s ability to function. Be it seizures, strokes, or other direct effects on the cells in the brain, the results can have lasting effects on a person’s health and quality of life.

Seek immediate medical advice and help if you notice any of these warning signs of Brain Damage from Drugs and Alcohol.

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