Sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment Process and Procedure

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What happens before the Detoxification Process?

Detoxification Procedure-Initial assessment:

Your health records are requested to get a fair understanding of your complete health. This help in determining if you are at risk of suffering from any health complications during Detoxification. This medical information is used to design a personalized Detoxification Procedure plan.

The Detoxification process and medications will depend on the substance of abuse.

What is the Duration for Detoxification Procedure?

Because the Detoxification process duration depends on multiple factors like the setting and the amount and type of drug used. Therefore an exact duration cannot be predetermined.

Average length of times for common Detox is:

  • Alcohol: 7-14 days
  • Heroin: 14-21 days
  • Methadone: up-to 21 days
  • Benzos: 28 days or more

What happens during Detoxification?

Understanding what to expect can help in a successful treatment outcome. You can expect these basic things:

Intake Exam:

Most importantly, a brief discussion about your health and abuse history, some tests to check your physical and mental health. Because the Detoxification team can estimate what kind of support you will need through the Detox with this information.

Detox Support:

Because this includes medicine for withdrawal symptoms. Support and Care for other issues that may arise. Besides that, monitoring your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing can help get you mentally and physically stable.

How to choose the best Detoxification center?

  • Most importantly prepare a list of your needs.
  • Then Determine what kind of a Detox would be suitable for you.
  • Besides that consider the quality and cost.
  • Find a program you can afford that has licensed trained staff.
  • Consider looking at their success rate.
  • Know about the types of Insurance they accept.
  • Look at their sample treatment plan because this helps you estimate their credibility.
  • Most importantly Check if they offer medical services and counseling.
  • Understand how they can help you prevent a relapse.
  • Besides that check they provide aftercare.

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