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why north hills addiction treatment center?

Welcome to North Hills Addiction Treatment Center Located in North Hills California, is the finest residential drug & alcohol facility specializing in the Holistic treatment and the Treatment-Resistant Addict.

Addiction is a complex illness. The psychological, spiritual, biological, and interpersonal aspects of addiction can exhaust patients and their families.

The founders of North Hills Addiction Treatment Center have designed a special intensive program, for the complicated and treatment-resistant addict to recover. The program encompasses integrative approaches that deal with multidimensional problems. Our special environment is facilitated by a superlative and experienced staff with specialty tracks that are unparalleled in the continuum of care. The goal of North Hills Addiction Treatment Center is to assist patients in making the difficult transition from primary treatment back to the real world. With our experience, skill, and dedication we can help the complex patient turn his or her ambition for recovery into a reality.


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We pride ourselves in being able to help those who are seeking recovery because at North Hills Addiction Treatment Center, it’s all about you.

we understand drug + alcohol addiction

At North Hills Addiction Treatment Center, we understand that addiction is a complex disease and needs to be treated as such. We understand that every individual is different and not everyone will need the same treatment. This is why we offer a variety of treatment programs and solutions to help you.

At North Hills Addiction Treatment Center,  we pride ourselves in our ability to treat addiction. With our understanding of drug and alcohol abuse, we understand what it takes to get you free from the chains of addiction and on to the right road to recovery. We are here for you and will be there every step of the way.



Detoxification is the process of removing harmful substances from your body. This is usually the start of the recovery process because it allows you to remove yourself from drugs and alcohol so you can have a fresh start in a safe + comfortable environment.



An inpatient drug rehab program like North Hills Addiction Treatment Center is when you spend time disconnecting from the world to recover from your use of drugs and alcohol. This stay allows you to take the time to really focus on yourself and heal from addiction.



At North Hills Addiction Treatment Center, we will be with you every step of the way for your sobriety. We will design an aftercare plan that is intended to keep you sober long after you leave our inpatient program and ensure that our treatment produces lasting results.

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experience a new life without addiction

Come join us at North Hills Addiction Treatment Center. You can experience a new life without addiction and we want to help you discover it. Contact us today!

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some of our clients experiences

  • This was the best treatment facility I’d ever been to. Their staff truly cares about the clients and encourages the 12 step programs. We attended daily in house meetings with staff and clients, as well as private counseling and outside meetings. Every meal was catered or prepared along with a fully stocked kitchen (along with requests!) The homes are beautiful (I recovered at 2 of 3 homes) including gyms, Large pool, ping pong table, pool table and an Xbox. It had a really unique way of mixing quiet and serene with fun and energetic. Most importantly, the staff made me feel important and like they truly cared about my well being and future. I would absolutely recommend anybody to any of their facilities as the staff dynamic mimicked each other at both homes. I’m happy to acknowledge their help in my celebrating 1 YEAR SOBER on 4-17-19.

    Elizabeth H. Alumni
  • This is the only treatment center I've been to where the staff actually cares for the clients and goes above and beyond to make their stay as comfortable and professional as possible. I've been here 3 times myself and I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this place. If you're trying to actually get sober and surround yourself with better people, your best chance is to start here with the right crowd. You not only get 3 prepped meals a day, but you have a gym out back in case you want to incorporate fitness into your recovery and also a TV in your room if you want to just rest and catch up on your favorite TV shows. The clinical staff who work there bend over backwards for you and will make sure you're safe and at utmost relaxation. They're always there to talk to if you need someone and they come from the same places we started too so it's simply one addict speaking to another.

    Austin W. Alumni

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